Day 15: Flying Home

Though perhaps not quite in this style, I have returned from Asia before. Anyone who's made the journey in this specific direction knows the disorientation that flying for 10 hours, only to have it be earlier than when you left, can give. Obviously any day where that much time is lost is going to be a long day. To add to it, as I usually do when flying international, I try to time my awake and asleep times to the destination, and in trying to get back to San Diego time, have decided I should just stay awake for the whole flight.

Fortunately, to help things along, we decided that the ride home should be first class and then some. We started at The Peninsula, who's airport shuttle is a rather well appointed Rolls Royce, (though when I'm honest, the ride was bumpier than I expected). From there, we are in the care of Asiana Airlines first class. As I type, the flight attendant who is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen is bringing me another cup of coffee. Out of respect for the other passengers, and quite possibly international law, I've left my shoes ON, even though we've been provided slippers.

I would love to say that this little break (where incidentally EVERYONE is asleep except me) is being used to reflect on the 2 weeks and some change I've just had. Honestly, though, other than writing this, I would have to say that it's been more about getting to level 18 on Bejeweled, listening to "Are you there Vodka...It's me Chelsea" and enjoying having my keister planted in a seat that goes more directions than a Kraft-matic adjustable bed on LSD.

Once on the ground, we will pick up a car and drive back to a lovely home in San Diego, and back into real life which, when all is said and done ain't so bad. I suppose that part of staying awake for the entire flight is just a way of milking the vacation a little more. Then again, there is a lot to be said for getting back into the routine. It's nice not to need a map for everything.

Feeling pretty amazing.