Day 2: In the Sky

It just so happens that when I was growing up, I was constantly being told to get my head out of the clouds, a thought that returns to me whenever I fly.

Before any long flight, whenever you tell people where you're going they invariably go "oh, that's such a long FLIGHT!" The odd thing is, they never really seem that long. Between drifting in and out of consciousness, Being totally engrossed in "I am Ozzy" and enough games of Bejeweled that even the iPhone was sick of it, the flight was uneventful, but certainly not excruciating. There were some screaming baby issues intermittently throughout the flight, but nothing a little Megadeth couldn't cure.

Nevertheless, there was something to look forward to right out of the box when we got to Shanghai. After customs (which thankfully always seems to go smoother in other countries than it does in the U.S.), I grabbed my checked luggage and headed for the MagLev. Next thing I know I'm being catapulted into Shanghai at 300 km/h. The odd thing is, the ride didn't seem all that fast. The only time the speed was really that noticeable was when something passed very close to the window.

Needless to say, the ride into Shanghai seemed to last about 30 seconds. After a quick, and apparently 5 times overpriced taxi ride later, we arrived at the Hyatt on the Bund.

The skyline from the Hotel room looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get out into the city.

That said, the 14 hour flight is catching up with me, and the screen is starting to split in two. Must...slee......