Day 1: Los Angeles

If Los Angeles isn't my favorite city in the world, it's certainly in the top 5 (it frequently changes places with London). So it's somewhat sad that this is the best I was able to come up with photographically. Don't let the glass pyramids fool you, this isn't the Louvre. This is just the Sheraton near LAX, where sadly my only photographic inspiration was due to an overflowing toilet that required a room change.

The photo isn't really what I was after, as the motion to get the camera came when I saw an airplane in the reflection of the closest pyramid. Amid endless distractions about room keys and the "if you see charges from China it REALLY IS ME" phone calls to the bank, I hovered above the shot for 10 minutes or so, convinced that my proximity to LAX assured that another airplane would be in the reflection shortly.

As I looked up to acknowledge the "how do I change my voice mail greeting" question, the anticipated aircraft cut perfectly across the pyramid, at which point I returned the camera to the bag and got ready to head to the airport. I suppose I could just Photoshop one in, but I'm not trying to convince you of alien landings or anything. I'm fairly certain that you know planes exist, and are capable of flying. Perhaps the most zen thing I can do is let you decide what the airplane looked like on your own and leave it at that.

So now at around 30,000 feet, I thought I'd write about the photo that got away. I tend to be drawn to abstract renderings of otherwise ordinary architectural elements, so the series of exposures and light test shots weren't a total loss.

I just realized that, after all that, I forgot to change MY voice mail greeting. Oh well, after two weeks, I'm sure they'll get the hint (oops).