Day 16 :: San Diego

When all is said and done, home in one piece. I had decided that the extra day off wouldn't hurt to make sure I'm back on US time before diving head-first into real life. For better or worse, I'm going back on a Friday, which now that I think about it I might as well have just taken that day off too. Perhaps it will just serve as a work appetizer, having a weekend to really get back into the swing of things before the main course.

I'm transferring the photos from my laptop to the main computer as I write about the last day, and will now begin the final edit before posting all of this stuff. The end of a big trip like that is always a little disorienting. In some ways, it seems like I've been gone for months, yet there is that part of me that is still in disbelief that it's already over. Things always feel just a little different when I return. I know it's my car and my house and my computer. Yet the clutch on the Mustang always feels foreign, like this is someone else's car. The furniture seems out of place. My computer (especially after 2 weeks on that little laptop) seems huge, though in this case, the "odd" of returning to OS X from Windows is a welcomed one.

What I suppose I want to keep in mind is that, while this big adventure is over, this blog is just beginning. It should be my goal to look at my own surroundings with the same feeling of novelty and curiosity that I did when looking at these far off, unusual places.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about this journey, and the photos that have come along with it. Soon, I will begin putting everything in place for the next big adventure.

Until then, a REAL trip to Los Angeles is in order.

Much Love!