Day 5: Sea Day 1

For the most part, I've been fortunate that I have not been plagued with motion sicknesses. There are only two times I can think of that I've ever had seasickness. The first was a particularly choppy day on a sailboat, and I'm pretty sure the excessive amount of Mountain Dew "Code Red" that I had consumed didn't help matters any. In any case, a rather unpleasant scent came along, and when a friend suggested that the only thing missing from the smell was a fresh lemon scent, my overactive imagination took over and...

The other time was today. I had survived a whole night and most of the morning unaffected by the rough seas. Sure, I ran into a few things. Of course, when I'm honest, I do that on stable ground anyway. The mistake was ending my breakfast with a big bowl of fruit and that extra cup of coffee.

While I'm sure I'm not the only one, I both knew and chose to ignore the food combinations that cause me to get blood-sugar crashes. So when that started to happen, I proceeded to urgently eat some hi-glycemic carbs (french toast and a donut) and a lot of protein (sausage, eggs and alleged beef skewers), but it was too late. I think the basic rule is, once you feel nausea on a moving vessel, whatever the cause, it's not something that's going to go away any time soon. I tried to sit through a lecture on Busan and Hiroshima, but found the PowerPoint slides swaying on the screen due to the projector swinging a bit too much to handle. As it happens, another attendee watching lost his battle with seasickness. This likely would have sent me over the edge (a fate that I, thankfully, was spared).

As luck would have it, the seas have calmed significantly, and an afternoon of reviewing photos, writing and half-napping have proven to be most effective. Add to that some meditation in a steam room, and I'm ready to sign off, and take on another night of seas.