Day 11: Sea Day 3

Again no photos. I suppose the only reason that I'm writing this is because I don't want there to be any gaps in this little blog-a-thon of mine. Also, there appears to be no internet given that everyone with iPhones are clogging the network to the point that no new users can get on (oh yeah, I'm writing all of this stuff in Office, and uploading later). This after being unable to use the ship's internet the whole time we were in Japan. I suppose that's fine when all is said and done. While in Japan, I paid $20.00 per MB to download my emails and find out that the world got on just fine without me. I suppose in a way it was worth the exorbitant price of the connection to know that the most pressing issue was my best friend asking me where Busan is on Facebook. I'll tell him to Google Map it when it's free to do so again.

It is occurring to me that this trip is starting to wrap up. People are starting to exchange business cards and email addresses. After Taiwan, there will be one sea day before we arrive in Hong Kong. I'll probably spend most of that time packing and getting my stuff back in order. There's always that little sadness that comes towards the end of a vacation. I suppose I should count myself fortunate that I'm going home to a place where most people go FOR vacation. Even still, while it's nice to be home, there's always that part of me that wishes the days by the pool and being in a new place with fresh memory cards would go on forever. I suppose that just means I have to get the next plan in place.

Any ideas?