Day 13: Sea Day 4 (The Last full day of the cruise)

This is the part I hate. Especially given that there isn't a port to be explored today, I'm in that strange mental state between not wanting the cruise to end, and just wanting to get the **** off the ship. Of course, all of my stuff is still strewn about the state room, while I sit here and type naked, trying to decide whether to get some coffee or do one last steam before heading ashore, and start mentally preparing for real life again. I suppose I could pack, but I think anyone reading this knows that's SO not happening.

There really aren't any photos to take other than of the endless sea. It's rather windy, so the swells are really big, and actually the ocean is looking rather dynamic and interesting today. Perhaps a hi-def video of it if the light hits it right, but even though this is supposed to be a photography blog, there's very little point in showing photos of things that are of no interest to anyone. I mean, if I don't even care about them, what chance of you giving a toot?

Whatever I decide to do, tomorrow when I wake up I will be in Hong Kong. I'm sure to get out and find some interesting snaps there, but truthfully, it's just a passage back to LAX, and ultimately home to San Diego. I've already become one with the idea that my vision of Hong Kong will be at the very best superficial.

Clothes...clothes would be a good start.